Portobello’s Markets

Portobello Market is inexplicable with words, but I still want to try to tell you my experience. If you love vintage, colours, and generally London you will surely appreciate the London district of Portobello. After seeing the movie “Notting Hill” I decided that this was the place I wanted to live in and I got the confirmation … Continue Reading

Comic Con 2013 MCM London

I admit it, I have a geek spirit… and I had my otaku period. I had to go to the Comic Con in London. If you are a bit nerd inside, like me, at least once in your life you should definitely go to a Comic Con. It was a wonderful experience. The stands were … Continue Reading

#FashionDupesUK _ What to see in London ?

  If you already follow us on Instagram you will probably have noticed the hashtag #fashiondupesuk, the one that I used during my trip to London. This post is about what to see in London, if you have only four days and you are interested in particular things (and shopping of course!). I used the … Continue Reading