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Gabriele Fanchini

A gamer, a nerd and someone who does not know why he is talking about himself in third person.His story began more than twenty years ago, when, thanks to his older brother, he came in contact with a grey parallelepiped equipped with two red buttons. Unconsciously, at only the age of 4, he had made a choice. Taking that joystick in his hands he had chosen to become a gamer. Since then, although it has changed shape and colour, the joystick has become his irreplaceable companion of adventures.

At the age of 11, while his peers treaded over a football pitch, Gabriele spent his free time playing Magic The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons…with 3 or 4 other nerds, able to fall over a football as much as him.

At the end of secondary school, Gabriele chose the path of information technology, in the hope of one day being able to transform his passion for videogames into his profession.amore1

Iolanda Saia

My first encounter with communication dates back to the Eighties. Since then, for a little more than twenty years, I have mainly been handling graphics design. Then, everything changed. Everything starting moving faster and advertising communication, for me, became something else: web sites, social networks, applications, cloud storage…

I am curious, never still. When I am not running for work I run for fun. I listen to all kinds of music, I read (not as much as I would like), I love black and white, the deserted city at dawn, discovering new tastes and new places, if possible less frequented. And I especially love seeking out ideas to recommend!




Chiara Francesca Zucco

Writer by vocation, graphic designer by curiosity, food blogger for… pure greed! Chiara writes for Fashion Dupes small recipes and many tips, even for those not really magicians of the kitchen.Born in 1983, after a Communication Sciences degree and a Writing Advertising master, Chiara joined her writing passion to the graphic designing one, inventing the work of Creative Consultant and becoming Journalist in 2015. Shameless food lover, she started to get the kitchen during university exams to relax herself, following parents and grandparents tips and organizing dinners with friends. She founded in 2014.If she sees a  map of the world, she feels captured by a slight hysteria for all countries that she would like to visit (and new foods to taste!). If not traveling, she surrenders to the couch and cultivates a healthy addiction to cartoons and television series. To dispose all these eating and cooking, she wears shorts and kick boxing gloves. But don’t worry, if you see her angry, give her a glass of good wine and ask her to make a risotto!

You can read her recipes on or follow her Instagram profile to find some creative ideas for dinner.


Elena Ronchi

In love with drawing since when she was a child, Elena has finally fulfilled her dream to further the studies in art at the illustration class of the International School of Comics in Turin. She’s always been a great dreamer, her life is completely dedicated not only to drawing, but also writing, sewing and whichever way to make imagination turn real. As many other “artists”, after all, she’s addicted to fantasy novels, any kind of comics (especially Marvel), and of course Art in all its forms. She finds her greatest fount of inspiration in nature and when she’s in lack of new ideas a beautiful walk in the woods is always useful, maybe together with her omnipresent domestic cats! Her childish side has led her to surround herself by a huge collection of plushes that keep her company while looking for ideas to sew new ones: her motto is “Whatever can be drawn can also be created”. Between one project and another, Elena dreams of becoming an illustrator for children’s books and publishing some of her comics… and maybe enjoying a long queue of fans at the Lucca Comics & Games!