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The sunny season if full of events like Easter, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Baptism, Graduation… And this is a perfect white dress for spring for all these formal occasions!

Hello dreamers,
This is a very intense period, full of lunch and dinner for all these formal occasions. And I think that this is a good excuse for make some shopping!

This is my look for Easter 2017, I introduce you the perfect white dress for spring!

Is light, not too short not too long, so perfect also for windy days. It has a floral embroidered, not so big so easily wearable with other clothes. The sleeves are big and fluttering. No neckline or rip, so perfect also for the church. Ok, this in not good for weddings, but perfect for all the other formal occasions. Where can you find it? For only 18€ from Shein!


In this case, I wore it with a pair of ballerina and fishnets. But it is perfect also with heels, or colorful sandals.

And my unicorn hair? I will talk about them soon in a post!
Let me know if you like this look… but also what you wear in occasions like these ones!

I was wearing:
White dress for Spring: Shein
Shoes: Bershka

Make up:
Base: Catrice – Eyeshadows: Mulac Different
Lipstick: Mulac – Eyebrows: Nabla Pot Venus 


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