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How to wear a chic dress with a rock touch? In this way, you can wear it during the day, but also for the night!

Hello dreamers,
today is my B-day!! But we talked about that yesterday, with my post about what I learn in 25 years.
But let’s talk about this outfit.
I wear it the last Saturday, for a day in Milan. I went out after lunch and I stayed there till dinner. In this occasions, it is always difficult to choose the perfect look. Day or night dress? Comfy or elegant? Just one look or another look in the bag?

One of my favorite things is mixing different styles. So you can go out in the morning and be perfect till night, just changing the jacket or the lipstick. This is also a perfect way to use elegant clothes in everyday occasions. This is my total black rock look with a chic dress.

This dots dress is from Shein, and I bought it only for 28€! You helped me with the decision on Facebook and Instagram. You (and me) felt in look with it. It is cheap, chic but also super trendy! The skirt is transparent, there are dots everywhere, the shoulders are bare and the leaves fluffy. With a pair of heels and a clutch is perfect for a graduation’s party, with boots and a day bag for a shopping day.

I play with elegant vs rock also with the other clothes. The earrings are from Bijou Brigitte. The jacket is from Primark, the boots from Zara and the bag from Silvian Heach.

What do you think about this look? Do you like play with styles? Do you like chic and rock together? Let me know in the comments below!

I wear:
Dress: Shein  Leather jacket: Primark  Shoes: Zara
Earrings: Bijou Brigitte – Bag: Silvian Heach

Make up:
Base: Catrice – Eyeshadows: Mulac Different
Lips: Milf Mulac Eyebrows: Nabla Pot Venus


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