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Would you like be a princess every day? I show you my Belle Disney Bound, of Beauty and the Beast.

Hello dreamers,
the last look I mixed sporty and chic, today I show you a super chic look.

A Belle Disney Bound Look!

This is a Disney Bound look, it means that is inspired by a Disney character. It is not a cosplay, where you dress like a character (do you remember my Doctor Who cosplay?). It is a bound because you only wear normal clothes, that are inspired by the character.
I love this dress, I bought it during the sales. I tried also the gray version, but I prefer this one because green is a trend color this season.
I really like the sleeves, with a very girly and chic touch, it is also a trend of the season. And the roses are the princess touch that we all wanted.
These roses are perfect for a Belle Disney Bound, of LThe beauty and the Beast, but it could also be an Aurora Disney Bound of BSleeping Beauty. You loved my Sailor Moon bound so I decided to make another one!

Which trends will I show you today?

I already talk about the green color and the sleeves.
The couissardes boots, in velvet, will be also a spring trend. And you can also wear them the next autumn.
So if you like them you should buy them now!
The chokers are here to stay, as I show you in the spring summer trends post.
The mini bags are a must have, best with mini decorations and jewels.
And the lips… has to be nude! In this case, I am wearing Dream On of Mulac, but you will find so many different lipsticks in these tones.

Do you like this look? It reminds you Belle? Let me know in the comments below!

Dress: Forpen  Boots: Zara
Baga Mango – Bracelet: Ashley Bridget
Choker: Zara – Headband: Zara

Make up:
Base: Catrice – Eyeshadows: Nabla
Lips: Dream On Mulac Eyebrows: Nabla Pot Venus

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