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Preview Trends Accessories Spring Summer 2017 with Bijou Brigitte


Hello dreamers,

I went to the press day of Bijou Brigitte to see the new collections and find out the new trends for Spring Summer 2017!

The keyword will be Choker! And I am so happy about it. With stones, shells, lace, suede, alone or with other chokers and long necklace.
A choker for every style and every look. For festive outfit match chokers with long necklaces.

The jewellery trends for spring summer 2017 are inspired by different part of the world: Africa, India and the old wild west!

For which styles? Chic, boho, geometrics, folk… but let’s start with the holi color!

Festival of Colours

Have you ever been to a Holi Color Dance Party? This collection is perfect for an event like that. Yes to feathers, pom-poms, tassels in the colors of the rainbow. Different accessories for make cool match. Silver-coloured decorative stick-on tattoos to decorate sun-kissed skin will get you into the summer mood. And pins for our denim jacket! :)

colors-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli colori-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli

Romantic Folk

Romantic Folk look is inspired by folklore motifs with beads, fringes, and tassels in striking colors and stylish decorations transform accessories and jewelry into popular styling options.
The chokers are in set, with long necklaces, pendants e turquoise gemstone.

asia-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli india-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli

Modern Western Style

If you loved Westword you will love this collection. Metallic items in antique silver look, leather straps and gems (in blue, turquoise and black) adorn bracelets, necklaces, and rings. For a lovely touch add a blue bandana wrapped around the wrist, with a hat or a bag.


westworld-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli west-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioiellifrange-e-piume-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli

Beauties of Africa

The colors of Africa are mixed with archaic patterns, straps, wooden and metallic elements. Don’t forget to combine with choker adorned with ribbon tassels and metal leaf pendants. The buffalo head and the elephant ring stole my hearts. <3

choker-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli africa-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli

Beachcomber and Maritime Treasures

Inspired by sun, sea, and sand these collections are perfect for who love summer. Shells in all different sizes, nude-coloured beads, feather-light tassels, iridescent mother-of-pearl, and silver gold or rose gold coloured metal, to transform bracelets, necklaces and of course the in-trend chokers. The cute flower crown with pink blossoms conjures up Ibiza dreams.

kiki-tales-catalogo-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte gioielli-conchiglie-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielliorecchini-mare-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli collane-conchiglie-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli

Ship Ahoy

Pastel colors with navy style, without forget the blue stripes. Wear an elegant pair of sunglasses on your head to finish the naval look – raise your anchors and ship ahoy!

navi-pastello-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli conchiglie-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli

Geometry is fun and Modern Handicrafts

The trend of geometries and clear lines is still trendy (and I am happy about it!).Circles, octagons, and triangles combined with silver and gold-colored accessories. An interesting news is matte look, let’s play with contrast!

gioielli-metalli-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli linee-geometriche-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielligioielli-geometrici-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli

Wedding Fever

Are you invited to a summer wedding? Be romantic with this collection made with crystals, elegant pearls and clutch.


Summer Celebrations

If you love romantic looks you will love rose gold bracelets with peach details, sparkling rings, embroidered chokers, hair combs adorned with delicate straps and flowers will create the perfect hairstyle for special occasions.

kiki-tales-novita-chic-romantico-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli kiki-tales-novità-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte gioielli-kiki-tales-novita-primavera-estate-2017-bijou-brigitte-rosa-elegante-gioielli

Men accessories

And for men? Cool also for us! Rings and leather bracelets for his and my looks.


Which collection do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below! I was there with LaSbii, and we loved Geometry is fun, Modern Handicrafts and Modern Western Style.


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