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Review, Swatches and Dupe of the collection Nabla Goldust with Klimt, Moulin Rouge, Danae, Snowberry, Luna, Radikal e Ludwig.


Hello dreamers,
As you probably already know I deeply love Nabla Cosmetics. So when the new collection Goldust was out would like to buy everything and start the new year without an house. ahahaha
This collection is inspired by the 20s, my favorite epoque, now you can understand why I love it so much.  At the end I bought enough thing to do a useful review. I also bought some christmass presents so I joined different opinions.
Here the list of the products that you will see: Klimt, golden eyeliner, Moulin Rouge, red vintage lipstick, eyeshadow: Danae, Snowberry, Luna, Radikal and Ludwig.

Klimt – Dazzle liner

Klimt is a golden eyeliner, but don’t think about the classic gold eyeliner because this one is really different. It has some red micro pearls that gives him a unique color.
Tha packaging is good, with a handy and soft applicator.
It is a gold perfect also for the day, in very different makeup, as you can see at the end of this article.
It is also very long lasting! I use it for the Christmas makeup and it was perfect even at midnight.
I give him 10/10! Super approved!

scovolino-klimt-eyeliner-dorato-nabla-goldust-review-swatches-kiki-tales scovolino-klimt-eyeline-dorato-nabla-goldust-review-swatches-kiki-tales

Moulin Rouge – Diva Crime

Moulin Rouge is a lipstick of the Diva Crime line, creamy and with a metallic texture. It might seem a classic red, but it’s different. It’s modern and vintage at the same time.
Usually, I use matte lipstick, so I feel strange with metallic one (even if this one has only a touch of metallic reflect). My mother loves it and so do my friends, but I am not convinced at all.
The lasting is good, not super long lasting with if you don’t eat it can last even 8 hours. The Il packaging is gold and it’s pocket.


Eyeshadows and Liberty Palette 

With the eyeshadows, I had to buy two palettes, the Liberty palette, not only because they are beautiful… I really need two new palettes. All together now:”She really needs two new palettes.

These colors are unique, super pigmented and easy to use. The fall out in the glitter ones is not visible. I really like them. Danae is a brown bronze, perfect on other colors. Ludwig is amazing for the day look, especially this Danae or Snowberry. Luna is a shimmer color perfect for the highlights. Snowberry is cool pink, not so special but you need a pink like this in your collection. Radikal is the stranger color of this collection and super trendy.












Swatches e dupe

nabla-goldust-review-swatches-kiki-talesombretti-radikal-luna-snowberry-ludwig-danae-nabla-goldust-review-swatches-kiki-tales ombretti-dupe-luna-nabla-goldust-review-swatches-kiki-tales ombretti-dupe-snowberry-danae-nabla-goldust-review-swatches-kiki-tales ombretti-dupe-ludwig-nabla-goldust-review-swatches-kiki-tales

Make up

And now some of my makeup with this collection! make-up-nabla-golden-klimt-kiki-tales-black-white-xmas-capodanno-natalemake-up-rosso-abito-red-kiki-tales-natale-2016-outfit-lookmake-up-nabla-kiki-talespink-addiction-christmas


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