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Military green is a trendy color for 2017. How to style it? For me, the answer is military green and pink!

Hello dreamers,

Military green is one of the most trendy colors of this winter 2017, but it will be very cool also this spring. So if you find something interesting with this color during the sales you should buy it!

This color is perfect with all the skin tones, but so many girls didn’t know how to style it!
Maybe because is close to the military world, or maybe because is a strong color.
Well, it is true, it is not so easy to wear it, but it is also not so hard to style it!

Obviously, it is perfect with black and white, but the outfit will be easily banal, it is ok for an everyday look but not so interesting.
If you love contrast you can wear it with orange, yellow, red or purple, but you need to try and find the perfect tone… or the result will be embarrassing.

My choice? Military green and pink!

An interesting quality of this color is that could be the protagonist, with black or with, or a neutral tone, with pink, red and yellow.

For let you see how much this color can change I show you this military green coat of Shein with a velvet pink dress, a suede baseball hat and a pair of cuissardes in taupe.
As you can see the color is different with the boots and with the dress.

Maybe before a color like this could intimidate you, but now you know that is very versatile with the right colors.
So you can rock a coat like this, with a shade perfect for a chic look (with the belt on) or a casual one. And with the rip, you can also emphasize the match… in a sexy way!
This coat reminds me the Olivia Pope’s outfits in Scandal, I have to match it with a white dress and a pair of heels.

Do you like the final look? How do you style the military green? Have you have match military green and pink? Let me know in the comments below! :)
sexy-kiki-tales-verde-militare-rosa-antico-look-outfit-ootd-ootn-style-inverno-autunnopink-green-military-kiki-tales-verde-militare-rosa-antico-look-outfit-ootd-ootn-style-inverno-autunno kiki-tales-cappotto-verde-militare-rosa-antico-look-outfit-ootd-ootn-style-inverno-autunno cappellino-da-baseball-hat-velluto-suede-stivali-cuissardes-kiki-tales-verde-militare-rosa-antico-look-outfit-ootd-ootn-style-inverno-autunno stivali-cuissardes-kiki-tales-verde-militare-rosa-antico-look-outfit-ootd-ootn-style-inverno-autunno viola-kiki-tales-verde-militare-rosa-antico-look-outfit-ootd-ootn-style-inverno-autunno

I was wearing:
Dress: Shein  Coat: Shein
Hat: SheIn  Shoes: Bata


My make up:
Base: Catrice  Eyeshadows: Nabla Radikal and Snowberry
Lips: Mulac Just like a drop Eyebrows: Nabla Pot Venus


kiki tales snapchat_eng

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