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Good morning crew!
Are you hot?
Well, me too! And what’s better than flavored waters to defeat the thirst?

Here I propose those that prefer or some unusual pairing.
Just remember to wash fruits and vegetables that you choose to use very well and, ’cause they would have to… soak a little, do prefer biological ones.

To take the right aromas, some waters require an infusion of at least 24 hours. Too much? Do not try to save time abounding quantities of vegetables… you will get only a soup!

But now you seems to be already thirsty, and I don’t want you to wait, so I’ll start with a quick recipe that does not require the infusion: nothing is easier (and refreshing) than a nice lemonade!
But have you tried with… mint?
It’s a drink very popular in Jordan (I talked about it here). It fights the hot (and there they know something about!) and gives you vitamins and sugars.

For each tumbler will serve:
– a handful of ice cubes
– two teaspoons of brown sugar
– the juice of one large lemon
– a dozen mint leaves
– ½ glass of plain water

Blend ice, lemon, mint and sugar. At last add water (if desired you can also use sparkling). It’s also ideal served in carafes and, to maintain the temperature, you can also use the chilled jugs or plastic cubes to be frozen.

Good! Now that you had your drink, let me introduce the real infusions.
You can just mix the ingredients and leave, as I said, to infuse for at least 24, preferably in a cool place. Sweet or sour, your water will be perfect at any time of the day, even for an unusual happy hour.

The doses are for 300 ml tumbler approx. If you want to prepare a jug, simply measure how many glasses fit in, before you flood the kitchen! ;)

You can filter the water before serving, or keep on hand some spoons and do an “eat & drink”!

Cucumbers and lime
For every glass you will need:
– 6 fresh cucumber slices
– 3 slices of lime
– still water

Ginger and strawberries
For every glass you will need:
– 3 ripe strawberries, sliced
– a small piece of grated fresh ginger root
– still water

Peaches and rosemary
For every glass you will need:
– a quarter of yellow nectarine
– the tip of a sprig of rosemary (preferably in bloom)
– 2 teaspoons brown sugar
– still water

Raspberries and mint strawberry
For every glass you will need:
– five / six raspberries
– ten strawberry mint leaves
– a curl of lemon peel
– still water

Cranberries and sage
For every glass you will need:
– seven / eight cranberries
– 2 sage leaves
– 2 teaspoons brown sugar
– still water

If you followed my article on herbs, your balcony will offer a lot of opportunities for a thousand different variations. It’s your turn to pick any fruits and vegetables that you love most! Write me your ideas, now I go home to prepare a mint lemonade! ;)

Good summer to all!


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