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Hello dreamers,
Today I show you new trends for Autumn and Winter. I know that I should talk about the beach, summer, the sea… but it is too hot here and I need some fresh air! :P

Thanks to the press day of Bijou Brigitte I saw all the new trends of accessories. I show you all in live with Snapchat (I am kikitales), but now you can see it all here!

It will be a season of contrasts and personal style. A rock girl or a bon ton girl? Be both, like me! One day you can wear a style, and one day another. Play with fashion and be brave!

My favorite collections are: Nordic Bohème and Dark Glam. Do you see the contrast?


Folk Spices

The warm colors of winter are the protagonist of this collection: yellow, burgundy, blue… The texture are warm and maxi. The folk look is made by suede chokers, gold necklaces, big pendants, ethnic style, nose fake piercing, maxi foulard…


Silver Star

If you don’t like gold, but you love silver this collection is perfect for you. As the Folk Spices, this collection has an ethnic mood. I love the black stones of the necklaces and bracelets.    


This collection is about mystic symbols.

Nordic Bohème

One of my favorite collections.
The pure Scandinavian style meets the geometric lines, with metals, wood, and marble.
The result? Unique jewels.



The jewels and accessories in rose gold will be a beautiful trend also this winter!


Wool Wellness 

And for the cold days? A beautiful scarf, warm and comfy, in nude colors.



Rockin’ Love

Rockin’ Love comes in absolutely classic, rock-star black. And you can create the perfect rock-star look with our black faux leather jewelry: a choker with a shiny metal plate, a layered necklace or a long necklace with graphic pendant and metal fringes.

Dark Glam

And if the rock is not enough, enjoy the dark side!
My second favorite collection is the Dark Glam.
With black velvet chokers, baroque style, necklaces in gold, stones, lace…
Where is the ball?


Chic per le feste!

And for the parties chic stones and silver jewels.  

Which is your favorite collection? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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