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Hi dreamers,
Today I show you one of the most iconic buildings of Milan: Torre Velasca.

Torre Velasca is famous for her unusual structure, that reminds a mushroom. Her Italian nickname is grattacielo con le bretelle that means building with suspenders.
It has the name Velasca because was built in the Juan Fernandez de Velasco plaza.
Even if reminds the medieval structures, it was built during 1950 from the studio BBPR.
The residential building was very different from the classic modern model.
The first 18 floor are offices, the last 7 apartments.

The tower is 106 m high, so you can see it on the horizon line in so many different points of Milan.
It is usually closed to the public, but it is open in special occasion like design week. 


It is near the center, you can go there with the metro Missori or the tram 12, 15 and 17.


There are apartments for a short time, like a night or a week. They have an amazing design, but what I loved most is the fantastic view.



Thanks to Oikos I could see also the last floor, with a cooler view of Milan.
During the design week I saw their new collections in collaboration with Daniel Libeskind and Giulio Capellini.


Art, a sustainable architecture and craftsmanship are the key elements, which form the basis of the cooperation with the architect Libeskind. The LxO collection consists of 33 color solutions, 16 matte and 16 metallic and 1 gold.

Giulio Capellini extremely sensitive to the color theme and with an immense artistic culture: tradition and contemporary features become the foundations of a common feeling in the realization of the Tiepolo collection that combines the contemporary design with respect for tradition. Giulio Cappellini Says: “When thinking about the new collection for Oikos, I wanted to resume the shades, reflections, and the textures of great Italian Art. Real talent is timeless, for this reason, I was inspired by a great artist such as Tiepolo”.


I also tried once again the Oculus Rift! This time I was in a house with different rooms and I could change the color of the walls.


Do you already know Torre Velasca? Have you ever been there? :)

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Torre Velasca is still fascinating me!
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