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Hi dreamers,
today I show you some beautiful photos of the photographer Alessia De Bonis.
I became a model for a day with her in Milan. <3

Alessia lives in Basilicata, is super creative a real dreamer (like us!).
She find magical places for her sets, where she can catch the personality of the protagonist.
Her shots are full of pastel tones and fairy tale mood.
You can recognize her photos in the stream of Instagram or Facebook.

We went around Milan to show you magical places. :)

Galleria Meravigli

The first stop was Galleria Meravigli, where we take a sit… on the ground.
Yeah, I wore a white dress, but who cares? The show must go on.
The light is beautiful in this gallery, and Alessia is very good with it.
I strike my best pose, with also my tongue! :P

The Gallery was build between 1928 and 1930, for the new headquarters of the exchange, in the Palazzo Mezzanotte of Piazza Affari. The floor is made by a beautiful mosaic with a liberty style.

federica_kiki_tales-1 federica_kiki_tales-2 federica_kiki_tales-3 federica_kiki_tales-4 federica_kiki_tales-5 federica_kiki_tales-6 federica_kiki_tales-8 federica_kiki_tales-9 federica_kiki_tales-10federica_kiki_tales-12 federica_kiki_tales-13 federica_kiki_tales-14

Castello Sforzesco

After the Galleria Meravigli we went to the Castello Sforzesco, one of the Milan’s symbols.
You can see I also from the Duomo.
In this post I will show you all the pictures that we shot in front of it, in the next one the ones that we shot inside it.

Alessia love the light, so she chose the Expo Gate background. And I started play hide and seek.

federica_kiki_tales-16 federica_kiki_tales-17 federica_kiki_tales-18 federica_kiki_tales-19 federica_kiki_tales-21

The Milan’s tram

We saw some yellow tram, typical of Milan, near us. So we have to go there and do some photos.
We couldn’t miss this opportunity!
So, like in the best street style photos of Fashion Week, we waited for him. And we waited a lot. 

But the photos are beautiful. <3 Do you like them?

federica_kiki_tales-23 federica_kiki_tales-24 federica_kiki_tales-25 federica_kiki_tales-26 federica_kiki_tales-27 federica_kiki_tales-28 federica_kiki_tales-29 federica_kiki_tales-30 federica_kiki_tales-31


I hope you liked this collaboration! :D
In the next post I will show you more photos of Alessia. If you are curious, you can see some of her works on her site, on her Facebook page or on her blog.
She is also on snapchat as: Alixia88




I was wearing:
Skirt: Zara  Blazer: Pimkie
Tee: Pimkie  Bag: Pimkie
Necklace: HM – Sunglasses: Firmoo


kiki tales snapchat_eng

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