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Hi dreamers,
the last weekend I hated Snapchat and Instagram because I wasn’t at the Coachella.
Go to Coachella is one of my dream… and I was also a little bit nostalgic because I went to Palm Springs during my USA road tour.

At the Coachella there are so many stars and influencers so, with the help of socials, this festival is a fantastic way to find out new fashion and beauty trends.
The last year I focused on beauty trends, so this is the fashion time.
With the right look we can feel like Kylie Jenner, Chiara Ferragni e Taylor Swift… even if we are at the country festival.

This festival is so famous that is associated with a taste, a mood and a dress code. There are news and different trends every years, but them are all connected with unwritten rules that make us say:”this girl is going to Coachella!”.
Matching this rules, new trends with a bit of craziness, and there you go. Now it is the perfect look.

This year I noticed a particular attention at the shoes, the hairstyle and the make up.
The looks were very innovative, with a lot of mix and match.
The key word is play. So many girls matched bikini with day looks, lace and denim, fringe and glitters, transparency with strong looks…

If I was at the Coachella this year I would take these clothes and accessories with me.
Of this selection I love the red dress, the shoes n. 4 and 6, and all the accessories.

And you? Which of these clothes do you like most? Do you dream Coachella? What would you wear for the occasion?
Let me know in the comments below! :D


coachella trend esprit fashion dupes moda tendenza dresses abiti

dress 1 69,99€ – dress 2 59,99€ – dress 3 69,99€ – dress 4 79,99€


coachella trend esprit fashion dupes moda tendenza shoes scarpe

shoes 1 59,99€ – shoes 2 69,99€ – shoes 3 59,99€ – shoes 4 69,99€ – shoes 5 69,99€ – shoes 6 59,99€ – shoes 7 69,99€



coachella trend esprit fashion dupes moda tendenza accessori

foulard 27,99€ – hat 25,99€ – bracelet 11,99€ – bag 59,99€

You can find all the items of this selection on Esprit.

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