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Hello dreamers!
Finally spring arrived, with too much Easter eggs. Here, in Italy, we traditionally do a barbecue.
So bye bye diet, at least for a day.

Here one day is rainy, one day is sunny and the other one is snowy.
So if, like me, you have not already done the change in your closet for the new season, you are probably searching for new clothes online.
I tell you my favorite hobby. I select my favorite online shops and I start my research. When I have done I fill up the shopping cart. Then I close my pc, smartphone or tablet and I think. I think a lot.
And then I press the button order. Happy me.
I am not the only one, right?

Today I decided to show you my shopping cart of Farfetch, doing a wishlist and (at the same time) a lookbook post. I was inspired by the flowers, that have the trend colors of this season: pastels and nudes.
Which one is you favorite? My rate is 3 – 1 – 2.


farfetch fashion dupes look spring expensive clothes

1. dress – 2. shoes – 3. ring – 4. hat


farfetch fashion dupes look spring expensive clothes pink

1. dress – 2. shoes – 3. cover – 4. earring


farfetch fashion dupes look spring

1. dress – 2. bag – 3. necklace – 4. shoes

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