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Hi dreamers,
even if I am a cynic person, under the armor I am a romantic girl who loves sunsets and pink hearts.
So in the Valentine’s day I leave this girl walking down the city.
I think that it is important to have a day, at least once at year, to do something special with your bae.
Valentine’s day is near our birthday, so this year we decided to give us a big present: a travel!

If I have to be sincere with you, I had a present perfect for us in mind.
Promod and Hast made a denim unisex shirt for him and for her, sell with 5 patches to personalized them for Valentine’s day.
You know that we love denim and patches! :)

Another thing that I love of Valentine’s day are the campaign of brands.
This is a perfect theme for videos, photos, events and marketing campaign.
For example this year Zalando done a video about the story of two shoes that felt in love.
If you think that you have found you soul sister you have to do the first step!

For celebrate this occasion with you, I realized with Elena Ronchi three wallpapers for your phones! :)
Let me know which of these is your favorite one! And send me a photo, if you download it, I am so curious! :)

Download the free wallpapers pushing pay with a tweet
or click here.

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