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Hi dreamers!
I am obsessed with Snapchat! I think that is a cool way to show you my blogger life in real time, from the event to the normal unboxing.
I showed you also my fashion week. If you are not following me, you can find me as kikitales.

I made a list with all my favorite bloggers, influencers and youtubers!
As you can see there are both Italian and international users.
This list will be updated constantly with also your help. Let me know which users I should add.
And if you have an account that could be on this list, let me know in the comments below or on my social network your nickname. I will surely check it out.

I will made a list for the brands and the celebs on Snapchat very soon. Help me doing it writing the name of your favorite ones in the comments below!

Bloggers on Snapchat

Influencers on Snapchat


Youtubers on Snapchat

How to add them with Snapcode

As you can see I show you the users with the snapcode, but how you can add them on your snapchat?
Well is very easy.
You can use the nickname that is showed under the snapcode.
Or you can save the photos on your smartphone and add them simply with the option add with snapcode!


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