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Hi dupers,
they are twins!
No, I am not off my nut… I am talking about the Pantone Colors of 2016.
This time there are two colors: Rose Quartz Pantone 13-1520 and Serenity Pantone 15-3919.
A pale pink and a light “baby blue”.
Leatrice Eiseman executive director of Pantone’s Color Institute said:“Rose quartz is not baby pink. It doesn’t have that wimpy feel.”
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They chose two colors also for a chromotherapy reason.
These two are an antidote (unless for the eyes) at the stress of our life, they are angelic, impalpable, reassure and welcoming.
They give a sense of peace and order, in contrast with this period of caos. Two colors perfect for man or woman, at the same time.
“We wanted compassion, which today a lot of people are looking for,” Ms. Eiseman says. Pantone’s news release describes the colors as “inducing feelings of stability, constancy, comfort and relaxation,” and argues that they “create balance in a chaotic world.”

Previous Pantone Colors of the Year have tended to be bold, such as the purple-pink Radiant Orchid chosen for 2014, or the bright orange Tangerine Tango chosen for 2012. Only two of the 16 colors chosen since 2000 could qualify as pastels—2003’s Aqua Sky and 2000’s Cerulean.

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When I read the news I said: two colors?
And I imagined this scene from Disney Sleeping Beauty, but in the Pantone’s studio!
“Make it pink”. “Make it blue!”.

“From a business perspective, it’s two colors, so it’s an opportunity to make extra combinations,” says Ms. Eiseman. “It makes for a perfect combination in the home”

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Rose Quartz take the name from the mineral, it is a light and pale pink.
Perfect from the morning to the night. It match with other pastel colors, as the blue of Serenity, the peach or the wisteria. But it is perfect also with metallic or dark colors.
We saw it during the runways with Carolina Herrera and Ermanno Scervino.

Serenity take the name from the blu sky during sunny days. It reminds the pace and represent a romantic and dreamer girl.
It match perfectly with other shades of blue!
We saw it during the runways with Vionnet and Michael Kors.

For the make up this become a light look, sofisticate, natural and shiny.
The lips will be nude, with rose or peach lipsticks, or very intense with a vermilion red.

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