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Hi dreamers,
today I show you a new project for Kiki Tales!
In collaboration with Elena of Ramylie’s Art we will do illustrations about my blogger life.
I hope that you will like them! :)
You have already seen a preview with the post about 3 years of blogging.
Here the protagonists of these sketch; from the left: La Chiara d’uovo, Jennifer, Federica, Giulia and Elena.

Personaggi FD presentazione PER WEB

I leave you also two other illustrations that she made for your social! :)

11728934_308342725956039_1908016672278296255_o 11742658_306431602813818_3985345106689750102_n


Compleanno Jenny
And now I show you her other illustrations…

lady_rose_by_ramylie-d98psj4 valkyrie_by_ramylie-d92cla5


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