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Good morning dreamers,

today I would like to show you how you can recreate Lydia Martin‘s make-up look and which make-up products you can use to do it. She is a strong and beautiful female character in the tv show Teen Wolf. I have come to like her during the last 3 seasons, especially after she found out that she is a powerful banshee. She used to be the most popular girl in high school at the beginning of the series and she was very superficial.  She also used to hide to fact that she is very smart (actually she is a genius). Her supernatural powers allow her to sense when someone is dying and she can also emit a high pitch scream, which she uses for self-defense. I think that Holland Roden has a beautiful face and that her lips are very sensual and at the same time she has a sweet smile.

Do you watch Teen Wolf? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below if you like Lydia’s look and of you think I have done a good job in this article.


Make-up Base

Lydia‘s make-up base is pretty natural and the product used make her skin look like porcelain. Then a corally blush enhances her cheeks, while the bronzer sculpts very gently her unique features to enhance them more. Finally a highlighter is used under the eyes, at the sides of the nose  and on the chin to create some lighter areas that contrast with the ares darkened by the bronzer.

Lydia Martin Teen Wolf make up beauty base

1. MAC Cosmetics 31€ 2. Pupa Milano 17€ 3. Neve Cosmetics 4,20€ 4. Wycon Cosmetics 19,90€ 5. Shiseido 35€

Eyes Make-up

Lydia’s green eyes are usually enhanced by brown colours and grey eye pencils. You can easily recreate her look  by using a hazelnut matte eyeshadow on her lid together with a more intense brown on the outer lid and on he crease. To create contrast you can use a bronze cream eyeshadow near the lower lashes. Finally remember to underline you eye’s shape with a longlasting grey eyepencil near the upper lashes. Do not forget to use a brow pencil to give more definition to your overall eye look.

Lydia Martin Teen Wolf make up beauty eyes


1. Dior 25€ 2. Neve Cosmetics 4,20€ 3. Nabla Cosmetics 7,90€ 4. Essence 3,99€5. Wycon Cosmetics 8,90€

Lips Make-up

Finally let’s talk about Holland Roden strong point: her lips! <3 I love them because they are chubby and very seductive, I think every girl would love lips like hers. In the TV Show she usually wears nude matte lipstick to keep the “highschool girl” look, but I prefer when she occasionally wears lipglosses or lip teint with bright colours like in the picture below. To be precise I think that this pink-corally colour is a perfect combination for her hair colour.

Lydia Martin Teen Wolf make up beauty lips

 1. MAC Cosmetics (Lychee Luxe) 18,20€ 2. Makeup Forever 21,90€ 3. Lavera Naturcosmetik 6,11€

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