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Goodmorning dreamers,

today’s article is dedicated to a Disney princess who is one of the main characters in the TV ShowOnce Upon a Time“: Snow White. I have to admit that I started watching this TV Show because I thought that the main storyline was very interesting and not because I am a huge Snow White fan. Luckily for me the authors were able to make her story more interesting and appealing and she is like a “heroine” of modern days, especially in the flashbacks stories in the enchanted forest. Her makeup look is inspired by the fairytale we all know: she has raven-black hair (which are even short in the present), very fair skin and big and innocent eyes. All these aspects allow her to obtain a very natural effect and sweet features. I would say that her look is like the opposite of Regina‘s, which is super feminine as you can see Hhere!

What do you think about Snow White in Once Upon a Time? Do you like her makeup? Which one of my proposals do you like more? Let me know in the comments below! ;)


Snow White Look

Snow White‘s makeup in the Enchanted Forest  is focused on the eyes. She uses a black eyeliner near the upper lashes and a lightening mascara to captivate other people’s eyes. On her face she applies a fair foundation that enlights her skin colour together with a satin pink blush. Finally the light on her face is also highlighted by a creamy nude lipstick.

ouat snow white make up beauty day look

1. Pupa Milano 14,50€ 2. MAC Cosmetics (Stay Pretty) 26€ 3. Nabla Cosmetics 12,50€ 4. Urban Decay (Naked) 21€ 5. Marc Jacobs 42,50€


Mary Margaret Look

Mary Margaret is a simple and very natural woman and these are the main characteristics of her beauty. She tends to impress people for her kindness, her spontaneity and her willingness to help others. These are the reasons why her make-up tends to underline her face’s sweetness with light lines and light colours. We can notice how the mascara only darkens her upper lashes or how a peachy blush slightly colours her cheeks. Finally the eyebrows are a little bit underlined with an eyebrow kit and on the lips she wears a matte pink.


ouat snow white mary margaret make up beauty day look

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Special Look – Evil Queen

In the last episode of season four we had the chance to see Snow White as the Evil Queen in a parallel world. Despite the fact that her look is not completely twisted we can notice how the new hair look and the colours on her face are more “aggressive” than before. The brown on her eyes and the nude used on her lips are both darker, while the fake eyelashes intensify her eye look. Finally the bronzer is used to underline her features.

special look ouat snow white make up beauty day look

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