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Goodmorning dupers,

since the 90s are having a revival at the moment I decided to dedicate to that decade a geek article. The protagonists of this article are the girls from the TV Show “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” that was very popular at the time. This TV show was very successful between teenagers (including myself) thanks to the amazing performance of Sarah Michelle Gellar who played the main character in the show. Moreover Buffy’s love triangle with Angel and Spike moved a lot of girls…. Were you #teamangel or #teamspike? I really love Angel and now I am watching the TV Show Bones were David Boreneaz plays the FBI agent Seeley Booth. I always thought the two of them were destined lovers. <3

Which is your favourite Tv Show  from the 90s? And which is your favourite makeup look between the ones below from Buffy, Cordelia and Willow? Let me know in the comments below! :)

PS if you are eager to see the beauty mistakes from the 90s take a look Hhere!



Buffy Look

Our favourite vampire’s hunter loves to have fun and go out clubbing and to be fashionable, consequently her look is always perfect in every detail. Her favourite product is surely a pink and glossy lipstick, she always wears one! Her secret weapon for her eye makeup is a super lengthening mascara that underlines the beautiful shape of her eyes. Finally she loves to wear nude and glittering eyeshadows that enlight her eyelid and make her eyes look bigger, especially when used on the inner part of the lid.

tv series look buffy fashion dupes geek nerd

1. Rimmel London 8,90€ 2. Lancome 27,90€ 3. Deborah Milano 9,90€ 4. Nabla Cosmetics 7,90€ 5. MAC Cosmetics (Tempting) 18€


Cordelia Look

Cordelia at Buffy’s arrival in Sunnydale is the classical beauty queen of the school and even if she will lose her status in the high school, her makeup her makeup will always be the one of a protagonist. Opposite to Buffy she prefers to use brown shades on her lips which she combines with a bronzer on her cheekbones. To contrast the matte effect from the bronzer she uses a highlighter in order to re-equilibrate the colours on her face. Finally the main product on her eyes is a black eye pencil blended near both upper and  lower lashes on the outer lid.

cordelia look buffy fashion dupes geek nerd

1. Pupa Milano 13€ 2. Max Factor 7,50€ 3. Yves Saint Laurent 35€ 4. Mulac Cosmetics 12,90€ 5. Pupa Milano 13,50€


Willow Look

Willow is a very simple and natural girl, sometimes she is also insecure, and her personality is reflected in her makeup. On the eyes she traces a thin line near the upper lashes with a dove-grey eye pencil and in order to give more intensity to her eye look she uses a caramel colour. The caramel colour is perfect combined with her copper hair. A fair foundation on her face, a peachy blush on her cheeks and a nude lipgloss complete her makeup look. This combination is perfect for a day look for girls with red hair.

willow look buffy fashion dupes geek nerd

1. Nabla Cosmetics 7,90€ 2. Neve Cosmetics 12,90€ 3. Revlon 20,90€ 4. Urban Decay (Love Child) 21€ 5. Essence 3,99€


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