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Goodmorning dreamers,

the protagonist of today’s geek post is Dinah Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary in the Arrow TV Show. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of this character (sometimes I cannot stand her) but her makeup is perfect in every detail and I think that her Black Canary look is a great (and easy) idea for any mask party you will participate in. Since Katie Cassidy face has as a unique shape the contouring is essential in her makeup: you can notice that the lights and shades game is more or less highlighted in the various looks below. As you will notice from my proposal Laurel always tries to maintain a classic makeup look that enhances her femininity; but when she is dressed up as a vigilante she shows off a darker look that terrorizes her enemies.

I dedicated another post to a female character in Arrow, Felicity Smoak. You can find the article HERE! I remind you that this last look is perfect for girls with glasses. ;)

Let me know in the comments below which one of the looks below is your favourite. :)



Day Look

Laurel’s Day Look is very bright both on the eyes and the lips. A pearly white eyeshadow is used near the upper and lower lashes to open up her gaze and capture the attention of everyone around her, while on the lips a pink gloss emphasizes the shape of her lips. A pink blush and a lengthening mascara complete the look.

laurel arrow geek nerd make up beauty day look fashion dupes

1.  Nabla Cosmetics 7,90€ 2. Pupa Milano 12,50€ 3. Too Faced 23,50€ 4. Deborah Milano 11,90€ 5. MAC Cosmetics Razzledazzler 18,20€

 Night Look

The look that Laurel prefers to wear during the exclusive parties in Starling City is concentrated on the eyes; here she recreates a smokey eyes with gold and brown colours. To underline the shape of her eyes she uses an eye pencil in taupe blended near the upper and lower lashline together with a volumizing black mascara. The pink on her lips is more intense , while the contouring is realized on the temple, the cheekbones and at the side of the nose.

laurel arrow geek nerd make up beauty night look fashion dupes

1. Kiko Cosmetics 7,90€ 2. Neve Cosmetics 4,80€ 3. Urban Decay 49,90€ 4. Marc Jacobs Rose Play 29,50€ 5. Benefit Cosmetics 33,50€

Special Look

And here there is Laurel in her heroine costume, ready to defeat the most dangerous criminals. Even though Laurel is still an inexperienced fighter she goes on the field with great determination and this is reflected in her makeup too. The black colour is prevalent in her overall look, the costume and the mask are both black together with her eyes and lips. The only light thing is the peach blush that pops out below the mask. Finally the false eyelashes are used to highlight her eyes, covered by the mask.

laurel arrow geek nerd make up beauty special look fashion dupes

1. Kat Von D 21$ 2. MAC Cosmetics 18€ 3. Benefit Cosmetics 22,50€ 4. Kiko Cosmetics 5,90€ 5. Nabla Cosmetics 11,50€


Help me choose the next protagonist of my geek post! Snow white from Once Upon a Time or the three girls from Buffy?? Let me know in the comments! ;)

once snow buffy


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