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Goodmorning dreamers,
the protagonist of today’s article is the makeup of our favorite witch in Mystic Falls: Bonnie Bennet! Together with Elena and Caroline, Bonnie is one of the main female characters n “The Vampire Diaries” and since season one she ha been a loyal friend and a powerful and self-confident witch. Bonnie is a girl that sacrificed her life (more than once actually) for her friends, without asking for anything in return and showing an endearing altruism. Her nature has made her dislike vampires, especially Damon, but her friendship with Elena has been stronger than this too. I think that her makeup is the most basic between the girls; they only underline her features with some bronzer and highlighting and sometimes she wears a nude gloss.

What do you think about her look? Do you like my proposals? Let me know in the comments below! :)

I remind you that here you can find the article that Federica wrote about her fashion look.


Day Look

tvd make up bonnie bennet the vampire diaries day look

1. Makeup Forever 38,50€ 2. Essence 1,99€ 3. Kiko Cosmetics 13,90€ 4. Nabla Cosmetics 8,70€ 5. Deborah Milano 12,90€

Bonnie’s day look is the classical makeup that you can wear to go both to school or to work. It underlines your natural beauty paying attention to details like eyebrows and the creation of shadows and lights on your face using the bronzer and the gloss. Finally, with a black long lasting eye pencil you can simply underline the shape of your eye near the upper lashes.


Night Look

tvd make up bonnie bennet the vampire diaries night look

 1. NYX Cosmetics 5,49€ 2. MAC Cosmetics 18,20€ 3. Neve Cosmetics 7,90€ 4. Neve Cosmetics 12,90€ 5. Nabla Cosmetics 7,90€

When Bonnie decides to show off more sophisticated makeups she uses brown eyeshadows, usually with a gold base, that enlighten her gaze. Moreover, on the cheeks we can notice that she uses a pink blush with sparks which is always balanced with the bronzer. Finally on the lips there is the unavoidable nude gloss with emphasizes her plump lips.


Special Look

tvd make up bonnie bennet the vampire diaries special look

1. Nabla Cosmetics 7,90€ 2. Neve Cosmetics 8,80€ 3. Shiseido 22,50€ 4. Benefit Cosmetics 26,50€ 5. Kiko Cosmetics 6,90€

For her special look I decided to propose you a makeup from Katerina Graham, the actress that portrays her in the tv show. I noticed that during events she always wear very sophisticated and particular makeups, which I loved immediately. Especially in this picture I love the orchid eyeshadow applied on the entire lid; a color that looks very good on girls with olive skin and green eyes (and brown too). The look is completed with a purple eyeliner near the upper lashes, a great amount of mascara and a pink gloss.


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