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today’s geek article is dedicated to the main character of the last movie I saw with Federica: “The Age of Adaline“. Adaline is portrayed by the gorgeous and super sexy Blake Lively, whom I loved (and envied) since the first season of Gossip Girl aired. In this Tv Show she played the roòe of the Upper East Siders Serena Van der Woodsen, a young and rich girl with a complicated life. Adaline is a woman that after a car accident that happened when she was 29 years old never ages. The movie tells us her past story through flashblack, while in the present day a casual meeting with a man forces her to face off past fears and to rediscover love.

The things I loved the most about this movie are the strength  shown by the protagonist and her desire to love together with the great ability showed by costume and make up artists in recreating looks dedicated to the different decades of the 1900s.

Did you see this movie? What do you think about my make up proposals? Let me know in the comments below! :) PS below you will also find the official photo of Adaline that show in detail all the looks she wore during the ages.


Day Look

the age of adaline make up beauty blake lively day look

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The day look I loved the most in this movie is the one Adaline showed off the first time she met William,  during the Sixties. The makeup that was trending during that period was the cat-eye, a makeup that uses the black eyeliner to elongate the eye. If you want to realize a perfect cat-eye look you absolutely need to apply a black eyepencil in the upper internal lid and then use it to trace the line that you will then follow with your eyeliner. On the lips a nude colour is perfect to look impeccable, while your eyes are the center of the overall attention of the makeup.


Night Look

the age of adaline make up beauty blake lively night look

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At the beginning of the movie Adaline attends to a New Year Eve’s Gala, where she shows off an elegant, seductive and sophisticated look. Everything is perfect in every detail: the hair, the accessories, the dress and, of course, the makeup. The makeup artist realized a beautiful smokey eyes with shades of gold and brown that enhance Blake’s eye colour. The smokey eyes is combined with a black eye pencil applied near her upper and lower lash line and then blended towards the edges. False eyelashes complete the eye makeup for a seductive gaze, while a soft pink lipstick colours the lips.


Special Look

the age of adaline make up beauty blake lively speical look wedding

 1. Nabla Cosmetics 12,90€ 2. Shiseido 20€ 3. Too Faced 45€ 4. Pupa Milano 12,50€ 5. Kiko Cosmetics 14,90€

During her wedding day Adaline showed a perfect Thirties look: her hair are set in soft shoulder-skimming curls, she wore a long and white lace dress and a make up that emphasizes her lips. During those years women began to pay attention to their make up and the mascara was the main protagonist, especially applied on the upper lashes. Finally the red lipstick enhance the the lips shape.


the age of adaline make up anni beauty beauty the age of adaline make up the age of adaline make up trucchi anni the age of adaline make up anni 2015

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