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here we are with the second makeup post dedicated to the TV showThe Vampire Diaries” whose protagonist is the beautiful Caroline Forbes! I have to admit that during the first season I thought that this character was really annoying but I also have to say that, since becoming a vampire, she showed her mature and responsible side. At the beginning Caroline’s makeup, as well as Elena’s makeup (which you can see here), were very natural and with pink shades. After transforming into a vampire she showed off some “dark” looks but always paying attention to the slightest detail. Moreover this aspect is also noticeable on the looks she wore fo the beauty pageant and other important events in Mystic Falls during which she is simply impeccable.

What do you think of Caroline Forbes and of the makeup I chose to represent her? Let me know in the comments below which one of the look below is your favorite and why! ;)


First Look

tvd make up caroline forbes the vampire diaries day look

1. Mac Cosmetics 13,20€ – 2. Nabla 7,90€ – 3. Neve Cosmetics 6,80€ – 4. Benefit 33,50€ – 5. SoBio 12,90€

Caroline’s everyday makeup is essential and it brings out her natural beauty. On the eyes the absolute protagonist is the black mascara combined with a medium and matte gray on the eye crease and a nude eye pencil on the waterline to open up your gaze. Finally, on your cheeks and lips you could use a product like the one from Benefit which naturally colors them.


Second Look

tvd make up caroline forbes the vampire diaries night look

1. Mac Cosmetics 19,00€ – 2. Nabla 7,90€ -3. Neve Cosmetics 5,80€ – 4. Miss Manga Punky 13,90 – 5. Neve Cosmetics 4,80€

During special events Caroline pays more attention to her makeup which is always based on nude colors used in particular ways. In the example below on the eyes she used earthy colors and, to keep the look on warm tones, she applied on the lips an orange lipstick. To complete everything you will also need a peachy blush and a volumizing mascara.

Special Look

tvd make up caroline forbes the vampire diaries special look

1. Mulac 11,90€ – 2. BareMinerals 19,50€ – 3. Catrice – 4. Mulac 12,90€ – 5. Urban Decay 27,50€

Finally you can see here one of Caroline’s makeup from her “dark” period. The main protagonist is for sure the black eyeliner applied near both the upper and lower lash line. Moreover, the gaze is intensified with a dark brown in the eye crease and a black eye pencil on the waterline. On the lips a caramel lipstick combined with a transparent gloss give the overall look a touch of brightness.

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