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Hello dreamers
today I continue my travel diary in USA showing what I done the sixth day between Palm Springs and Flagstaff, when I saw Joshua Tree National Park... the most beautiful thing of the journey, only second at the Flagstaff’s stars.
If you haven’t read jet the beginning of this journey, you can do it now with the first post, the second post  and the third post about this adventure.

In this post you will find information about:Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park, Arizona, Route 66, Flagstaff.

Palm Springs

In the last post, about this trip, I show you the sunrise on Palm Springs, that I saw thanks to the jet lag. We have done the breakfast near the pool. I was very hot!! I wanted to do a swim!
We leave Vagabond Inn Hotel for a new adventure into the two desert of Joshua Tree.
We couldn’t see the city, but there are a lot of interesting things here like a museum about dinosaurs and the Coachella Festival!

Joshua Tree National Park 

After an hour, we arrived at one of the tree entries of Joshua Tree, you can choose the most comfy for you.
This is a National Park, so you have to pay a ticket for go there. If you do a trip like this you should do an annual pass for 80€.
You have only to pay attention at the difference between the National Park and the State Park, because they have two different annual pass.

Before starting your trip you should always go to the info point and ask for maps. The rangers will help you explaining everything about the park, from the flowers to the animals; it is useful also to know if there are some closed areas (For example that time Cotton Wood was closed).
Desert is a hostile place, do not underestimate the trip! You should have water and food with you, but also sunglasses, sun protection, hats,…
Obviously there isn’t the mobile’s signal.

One of the most beautiful things of the desert is the silence, magic and terrifying at the same time!
This desert has a lot of different trees, and also some animals. The landscape change constantly!

Mmm no this are not the Joshua Tree, you will see them soon!
This trees below are from the Cholla Cactus Garden.
There are a lot of different trees: bass, tall and burned.
You can also do camping here!

There is a special and magical place at the middle of the trip… the place where the two deserts met!
From one side the Mojave Desert, and from the other the Desert Bighorn Sheep.
The first one is arid and has the Yucca trees, as the Joshua Tree. The second one is full of bighorns!

And finally the Joshua Tree! I felt in love with them! There are a lot of different trees, all unique!

Outside the park 

After the trip, at the end of the park, you will find the gift shops! There we bought our first badge.
We also shot two strange photos, one with a bus with a Bollywood touch, and one with a strange dentist house.
We ate something at Subway and start our trip again!

On the road to Flagstaff

The Route 66 is how you imagined it. Long, straight and deserted!
Remember to have the gas full and a lot of water, before started this road. Choose a soundtrack perfect for the trip and enjoy your trip!
Here you can find yours.


For the night we stayed at Luxury Inn Flagstaff, but we didn’t like it!
Flagstaff is the first “International Dark-Sky City” of the world. Here you can see the stars has you never done before! You can also see the milky way galaxy with only your eyes! The most amazing things of all the usa trip!


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