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Sexy Scars on TV Shows and Movies

Hy everyone,

today I would talk about makeup from a different perspective… the male perspective! :P As you all know male actors often have some makeup on during movies and tv shows or for the red carpet and interviews, but sometimes is the character they are portraying that needs special “attention” from the makeup artists.
In this article, I would like to show you some scars that pleasantly impressed me both for their accuracy and the character that has them on. I think that scars in some ways “mark” the character of people (they are often connected to painful memories) and that is why they are so important for the history of the protagonists of many movies and tv shows.
For example, Oliver Queen/Arrow portrayed by Stephen Amell is a man that has spent 5 years on a hellish island (and also Hong Kong as far as we know) with only one goal: survive! His life was always at risk and that is why he came back with a body full of scar tissue, but that’s not everything! The man we saw at the beginning of the first season was a fierce killer that lost faith in people. The actor said that it takes about 90 minutes for the makeup artists to create all the scars.. impressing! (btw they also a map with instructions for where to put them and how to draw them)! I also have to say that when he is half-naked during a scene I am very appreciative of the show and of his muscles. :P
Another example is Tyrion Lannister from “Game of Thrones“… we loved him before a soldier hit him in the face with his sword but I think that that scar on makes him even tougher than before! ;)
Or do you think that Vincent from “The Beauty and the Beast” is an ugly man because of the scar he has on his face?

What do you think of the men below and their scars? Do you find them sexy as I do? Or when you think about scars on television and at the movies, the only ones that come to your mind are the ones from the Horrors? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below. :)

Sexy Scars on TV Shows and Movies


The sexiest one! :P



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