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Hi dreamers,
today I continue my travel diary showing what I done the fourth day in LA and the fifth day in San Diego.
If you haven’t read jet the beginning of this journey, you can do it now with the first post and the second post about this adventure.
In this two days we saw: The Grove, Santa Monica, San Diego, USS Midway, Coronado Beach, Balboa Park, Gaslamp Quarter and Palm Springs.

Day 4

The fourth day we leave our Hotel and went to The Grove, a famous mall of LA.
It isn’t so big, but If you want to see all the shops you will spend at least three hours.
I did some shopping, especially at Forever21 (the cheapest!).
After the shopping session we relaxed on the free towel in the middle of the park, eating a little hot dog.




Santa Monica

After The Grove we went to Santa Monica, where I continued my shopping session at Nordstrom (before) and on the main street (after).
I liked this shops more that the ones of Hollywood or The Grove.
I bought something from Levis, Converse, Forever 21, Sephora, Hot Topic,… These shops have clothes with better prices that the European ones.
I dissuade you to buy something from the european shops if you are from Europe, because you will pay it more in USA.
In the Converse store you will find so many limited edition models, made only for USA or Santa Monica, like the one that I bought.
This was a day full of shopping and relax!


We tried for our first time Johnny Rockets and we loved it! Actually we missed it! There you can find so many different hamburgers and milkshakes, but also amazing fries! They are fast, cheap, simple and good.

We liked LA even if we thought that it was different. We liked more San Diego or San Francisco. Maybe it’s because our nature, but I think that I couldn’t live in LA. We will return to Los Angeles at the end of the trip, so we will show you more pictures and places about the city of Angels.

In the afternoon we went to San Diego. We arrived very late because of the traffic, so we could’n go to the Gaslamp Quarter. We slept in the Holiday Inn Hotel of San Diego Bayside. Cool, but very expensive!
Day 5
In the morning we didn’t do the breakfast in the hotel, but we immediately went to the USS Midway. Here we entered with a student’s discount, for only 15$. The Museum is amazing. You will spend there almost two hours if you want to see it well.
My favorite part is the flight deck, where you can see the Ocean and the Coronado Beach. 
The shop has so many beautiful gadgets, but only a few of them are cheap. 

If you will go to the USS Midway you have to take a picture also with the monument of the famous marines’ kiss, after the end of the world war II. It’s huge.

If you want to go to the Coronado Beach you have to take a beautiful bridge with an amazing view.

When we went to Coronado our car had a problem. So we had to go to the San Diego’s Avis and change it. We started again our trip with a new car, a grey Hyundai Elantra. I had to say goodbye at my loved Cruze.


We lost two hours for the car’s problem. But after that we finally went to Coronado Beach, where we walk near the Ocean before the sunset. Here I also find my dream house, you can see it in the photos.
No, I am not referring to the Hotel Coronado, the famous star’s hotel. A simple room at Coronado is about 300$ at night.





Se andate a San Diego non potete assolutamente perdervi il Balboa Park. Noi ve lo mostreremo meglio in un prossimo articolo (ci siamo tornati a fine viaggio), perché dopo le cinque tutte le attrazioni al suo interno sono chiuse. Ci siamo innamorati dei colori, degli edifici, dei profumi e della vegetazione di questo parco. Lascio parlare le immagini.

If you went to San Diego you have to see the Balboa Park. We will show you more picture of it in another post (at the end of the trip), because that day we went there at 5 pm and all the attractions were closed. We loved the colors, the buildings, the perfumes and the greenery of this park. You can imagine the mood with this photos!






For the dinner we went to Hard Rock Cafe, where I bought another tee for my collection. This shop is very little.
The cafe is inside the Gaslamp Quarter, famous for its mood during the night… when the streets are full of colors, lights, perfume and music. I thought that it was bigger than this. You will see it better in another post.
We returned in San Diego at the end of the journey, because we liked this city more than LA!
Balboa Park and Coronado Island are two of the best things that we was during the trip.

After the dinner we went to Palm Springs, a lovely city in the middle of the desert. Here the temperature is very high also during the night (we arrived at 11 pm).
We stayed at Vagabond Inn Hotel, very cute and clean!
Because of the Jet Lag I woke up at 4 am, so I decided to go outside and see the sunrise with my reflex. I loved it. But in the sixth day we was something better!


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