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Hi dreamers,
today I will continue my travel diary showing you what I have done the third day in LA.
In the first post about this trip I said the night before I felt asleep early and we didn’t to the dinner.
So in this day we tried to do also what we didn’t do the day before.
We have seen: Santa Monica – Rodeo Drive – Little Tokyo – Santee Avenue – Griffith Observatory – LACMA.

Santa Monica
That morning we woke up early and we went to Santa Monica, half an hour from our hotel.
The weather was bad… I couldn’t do the amazing photos of the sunrise that I imagined. So sad!
There are two different car parks, one is for only two hours and the other one is for the full day.
The one for only two hours is very little, but also cheaper. Make the right choice! ;)
If you want to see also the inner part of Santa Monica is better if you live the car in one of the silos of the center. If you buy or eat something you will get a discount on the price of the parking.
The beach was really quite with a few people, but the police were there so it was really safe.
The seagulls were everywhere! And the funny things is that they tried to steal everything from the unattended bag.
I felt in love with the Ocean, even if the water is as cold as everybody said!
The dock was really characteristic, one of my favorite things of Los Angeles.
There are so many different shops and bar, beyond the famous park with the Ferris wheel.
The mood was so typical also for the street musicians and their music!
This dock is the end, or the start, of the Route 66. I hope that one day I will do all the road!

Rodeo Drive

We came back in the center of Los Angeles, where there is Beverly Hills and the famous Rodeo Drive. This road is full of expensive shops, with also the big Italian names of fashion. Is so famous because a young Julia Roberts made shopping here in the film Pretty Woman.
The architecture of these buildings is really fascinating. I think that you will spend here only half an hour, if you didn’t do shopping as me.
The palm were everywhere, but that makes everything more cool!



Little Tokyo

Before visit this place, we would like to see the Disney Concert Hall but it was closed that day.
I recommend you to check that on the website because it change very frequently, so maybe your paper guide is not updated. So we came back there at the end of the trip (you will see it in another post).
In Downtown there is a little hidden Japanese spot.
Don’t think about the unsafe road around Little Tokyo, unfortunately in LA unsafe zone are always really close to the safe zone.
We have found the street decorated for a Japanese celebration, so the mood was even more happy and festive.
Here you will find so many typical shops and sushi bar. If you love Japan you have to visit this place!



Santee Alley


I read on the internet about Santee Alley, an open market where you can buy street style clothes with low prices. But when I arrived there I change my mind! The area doesn’t seem safe and the clothes don’t look cool.
But the graffiti on the walls of the street where beautiful!



Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory = one of the most amazing things that I see in this trip!
This Observatory, set on a hill of Hollywood, is the right place for see stars but also a magic sunset on the city of Angels.
The building is beautiful, but the view hasn’t competitors. You can see the “Hollywood” sign, a sparkling city far away and the amazing colors of the sunset.
Every night there are events for the visitors. After the sunset you can use a telescope to see the first stars and the visible planets.
I also loved the gift shop, with so many different gadget of Nasa… and a nerd bar called: Café at the End of the Universe.

I think that is not so easy to go there, maybe also because when I visited it I find a road closed.
If you will lost you probably arrived at the Griffith Park, where a ranger will help you to find the right road!



The LACMA is the “Los Angeles Country Museum of Art”. I love museum so I wanted to visit if for art. But even if you aren’t interested in art, you should visit it by night for the installation that is in front of it.
The installation in called Urban Light of Chris Burden, a famous forest of streets light from the 20s that lights up the museum.
You will play inside the installation and you will enjoy it making photos.

This long day finished with a hamburger from McDonald’s, that we ate in the hotel.
I don’t know why but the taste of it is really different from the Italian’s one.
So we felt asleep very tired and sad, for our last night in LA.
To be continued…

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