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Hi dreamers,
this is the week of Pitti Uomo in Florence. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go, so I will follow the event from the blog of some talented Italian fashion bloggers.
I visit Florence almost one year ago, a trip as a birthday present from my boyfriend. I haven’t already shown you all the pictures of this trip, so I thought that this could be the right time!
We stayed at Hotel Athenaeum, Via Cavour 88, and we really like it for the services and the position! Recommended!

Day 1

The first day, after we left our luggage at the hotel, we went at Palazzo Pitti, where we spent amazing hours in the Giardini di Boboli. I loved that place!


But before and after that we went at Ponte Vecchio, the most beautiful bridge that I ever see! You should walk on in during the sunset! Don’t forget to take a look also at the Torre Belfredelli!


We eat at Pangie’s for the lunch, and after that we went at the shop of Salvatore Ferragamo where there was a temporary exposition. That night we eat fast for have a walk in the center and go to bed early. 

Day 2

At the morning we went to the local market in the center, for see some amazing hand made pieces.
During the day we saw: Palazzo Vecchio, Museo degli Uffizi, Ospedale degli Innocenti, Palazzo Medici, Casa di Dante. I felt like I fell in an art’s book! Florence is the perfect city if you love art and history!


We obviously do some shopping and we toke a look at the Gucci Museum, where I also received a little gift for my B-day.

For lunch we ate at the Antico Vinaio, the best place to eat in Florence (also for TripAdvisor!). Actually is the best sandwich that I ever ate! You have to try it!

For the night we ate at the Hard Rock!


Day 3
The last day we had a walk in the center and we saw again Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Battistero San Giovanni with the Porta del paradiso and the Cupola dei Brunelleschi.

For the lunch we decided to eat again at the Hard Rock… and after that the last shopping time!


Antico Vinaio – via dei Neri, 65
Hard Rock – Via Dè Brunelleschi, 1
Vivoli – via dell’isola delle stinche (gelato più buono di Firenze)

Museum and Art:
Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore
Battistero San Giovanni
La Porta del paradiso
Cupola dei Brunelleschi
Chiesa di Santa Maria Novella
Basilica di Santa Croce
Palazzo Arcivescovile

Casa di Dante

Ospedale Innocenti
Palazzo Vecchio
Museo Uffizi
Palazzo Medici
Gucci Museum
Museo dei Serial Killer
Fontana di Nettuno
Cappella dei Pazzi
Torre Belfredelli
Ponte Vecchio
Palazzo Pitti
I giardini di Boboli
Il torchio

Via Tornabuoni and Piazza Repubblica
Mercato di San Lorenzo da martedì a sabato – Piazza San Lorenzo
Mercato del Porcellino dal lunedì al sabato dalle 8 alle 19 – Piazza del Mercato Nuovo.
Street Doing – Via dei servi, 88r
Emilio Cavallini – Via della vigna nuova, 24r
Angelo – Via dei Cimatori, 25r
Jules & Jim – Via del Moro, 58r
Olfattoria – Via dé Tornabuoni 6
I’chiodo – Via dell’anguillara, 39r
Lady Jane B – Via dei pilastri, 32r
Desii Lab – Via della spada, 40r

Have you ever been in Florence? I hope that I’ll come back there one day, I love Tuscany!

Let me know in the comments below if you liked this new kind of post, a little different from the usual ones! :)

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