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Reproduce the Felicity Smoak’s make up, from Arrow, with our ideas!

Good morning dreamers,
today I would show you my first post dedicated to my two passions: makeup and tv shows! :) I decided to start this kind of posts with Felicity Smoak makeup, she is a character from Arrow played by the beautiful Emily Bett Rickards.
Felicity is a stylish IT Girl; basically, she is a genius when it comes to computers (and hacking) and she wears fashionable clothes and accessories. She is absolutely gorgeous. Her character works for Palmer Technologies by day and cooperates with the Arrow team to fight criminals in Starling City by night.
Emily Bett Rickards with her acting and her onscreen chemistry with Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow) created a funny and emotional character who plays an important role in the success of this Tv Show (she was supposed to be in only one episode!).Other than loving her character I love her “interactions” with Oliver Queen… it is almost impossible to watch Arrow and not being an Olicity shipper! :)
As you will see her makeup style is easy to recreate but outstanding at the same time! :) It is also perfect for girls who wear glasses. ;)
Let me know in the comments below what you think about this post and Felicity’s makeup! :)


Felicity Smoak’s make up: face

Felicity’s face is usually very fresh. A veil of the foundation, some powder to fix it and a light contouring are all that is needed for her “everyday makeup”. The blush, usually a cold pink, is almost fuchsia during her night out but since she is usually elegant on these occasions this makes her stand out even more.
felicity smoak geek arrow lips lipstick look make up

1. Benefit Cosmetics 33,50€ 2. Makeup Forever 42,50€ 3. Kiko Cosmetics 8,50 4. Nabla Cosmetics 11,50 5. Neve Cosmetics 12,90

Felicity Smoak’s make up: eyes

Felicity’s eye makeup is perfect for people who wear glasses, it simple and light. She always wears a pair of glasses and she only applies a matte brown on the eye crease to give her eyes the right shape, then she use an eyeliner near the upper lashes and finally she uses lots of mascara. She also defines her eyebrows to underline her eye look. At night her makeup is brighter on the eyelid and more intense towards the outside and near the lower lashes.
felicity smoak geek arrow lips lipstick look make up

1. Nabla Cosmetics 8,90€ 2. Urban Decay 27,50€ 3. Missha 18,91$ 4. MAC Cosmetics 20,20€ 5. Benefit Cosmetics 26,50€

Felicity Smoak’s make up: lips

Felicity’s lips are the main focus of her makeup style: they are always impeccable and emphasized! She loves to play with colors and to combine her lips with the dresses she is wearing. To recreate perfect lips like hers you first have to hydrate well your lips, then contour your lips with a lip pencil slightly darker than the lipstick (or lip tint) you want to wear, finally apply your favorite lipstick with a lip brush. In the middle, you can apply a transparent lipgloss to add more luminosity to them.

felicity smoak geek arrow lips lipstick look make up

1. Eos 5,95£ 2. Mac Cosmetics “Pink Nouveau” 19€ 3. Yves Saint Laurent “Pink Radiance” 28,90€ 4. Mac Cosmetics  “In Synch” 15,20€


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