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Portobello Market is inexplicable with words, but I still want to try to tell you my experience.
If you love vintage, colours, and generally London you will surely appreciate the London district of Portobello.
After seeing the movie “Notting Hill” I decided that this was the place I wanted to live in and I got the confirmation during my two trips to the UK.
The first time I went to the market I have not had the fortune to be able to see everything … So the first thing I did, after landing in England (and after having left our luggage in the hotel) was to take the metro to get there.
On Saturdays, from morning to late afternoon, the streets of Portobello fill up with people and stalls of various kinds. Some of them are permanent (they are part of some stores), while you can see the others (which are located at the bottom of the main street) only on Saturdays.
I recommend you not to throw yourself in the shopping stalls from the beginning, since the more you will walk the more and more you will discover; there will be beautiful things, very strange and often at low prices.
Every genre and style are present in this street, so do not be surprised if you find things that you will find of bad taste and others that you will love at first sight.
Of course, it is not all in the name of low cost, but if you can master a little the language you might even be able to make you do some discount from the list price.
The owners of the stalls are very friendly and, if you have the time, you can surely chat (and improve your English), except for a few exceptions … some of them did not even want the merchandise to be photographed!
If you are hungry (and I assure that you will after all the walking and the time lost to photograph and go shopping) you can try the local food buying it from the many stalls or going into the numerous cafes that, as in any London street, you will find easily.
If you are interested in stationary stores I suggest come back another day, in order to avoid the queue for the fitting rooms.
I did a little shopping!
I bought three letters carved in wood used in the old foundries (studying graphic I fell in love as soon as I saw them … and I lost more than a quarter of an hour to choose the best “f”), a steampunk bracelet, two rings created with the gears of the clocks (one for me and one for my boyfriend), a pair of vintage Chanel earrings and finally a beautiful pair of glasses (unfortunately only my boyfriend bought them) that have interchangeable lenses .. quite a bargain for just £ 25!
Portobello’s market.
Street and food porn.

My shopping:
My outfit!
Trousers Tally Weijl, Shoes H&M, Bag Modemusthave, T-shirt Tally Weijl, Jacket Zara, Coat Pimkie.

And you have ever walked these streets? What impressed you the most? Have you done shopping?
Please let me know in the comments!

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