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If you already follow us on Instagram you will probably have noticed the hashtag #fashiondupesuk, the one that I used during my trip to London.
This post is about what to see in London, if you have only four days and you are interested in particular things (and shopping of course!).
I used the site Stay for create a personalized map for remember everything.
Obviously this is only a small selection of things that you might see, and no I could not see everything in 4 days (unfortunately).
One more reason to came back!

I have divided the city into four main areas.
Now I will tell you what I saw of interest in each of these.
To see the full map click here  Stay : FASHIONDUPESUK .

Zone 1. 

Portobello’s Markets, The blue door, Museum of packaging, Lulu Guinness, The cross, Holland Park, …

Zone 2.

Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park, Science Museum, Harvey Nichols, Saatchi, …

Zone 3.

National Gallery, Jermyn Street, Big Ben, Marks&spencer, Regent street, Dover street market, Hatchards, Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly Circus, Amora, Covent Garden, Sherlock Holmes Museum …

Zone 4.


In the next days I will write two more posts dedicated to this fabulous city.
Have you been there? What were your favourite places?

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